Ep. 67 – Manhattans, “Our holes are sealed so tight”

Gina and Paul bid farewell and bring their cocktail journey full circle as they return to the classic Manhattan, this time made with Reifel Rye and new podcast favourite, Cocchi vermouth. Cheers to everyone who has listened over the years!

Ep. 66 – Christmas Punch, “Fill your cracks for Christmas”

It’s another holiday spectacular as Gina and Paul crack open some Plantation rum and try Christmas Punch. Gina does her best to give advice on strange neighbour relations while also making it abundantly clear that she no longer has a punch bowl.

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Ep. 64 – Sweet Vermouth, “You can smell the worm”

Gina and Paul are back! They catch up on where the time went while sampling several different brands of sweet vermouth, including a couple of comparative Manhattans for good measure. Just how many times can they say Cocchi in one episode and what’s up with Gina’s sudden urge to talk about soap?

Ep. 63 – Shirley Temple, “I’m aging like a good cherry”

You’d think sampling a classic mocktail would make for a tame episode, but not on Gina’s birthday! The duo sample five(!) different versions of the Shirley Temple, including a few of the dirty variety, before trying some fancy cherries and getting into a much needed bidet update.

Ep. 62 – Big Gina’s Day Out, “Flip, flap, away we go!”

It’s a very special episode as Gina finds herself in Hamilton for the day as she and Paul bop around to some of his favourite haunts. Mom gets to try her very first Corona, do some antiquing, sample some exquisite cocktails and answer some Valentine’s-related listener questions.

Ep. 61 – Non-Alcoholic Dark & Stormy, “Poky Annie & Poky Arnie”

Gina and Paul ease into 2023 with a mocktail, using Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit in a non-alcoholic version of a dark & stormy. The duo dig back into the ever-changing Canadian alcohol guidelines, new year’s resolutions and Gina’s got a message for annoying drivers.

Ep. 60 – Hot buttered rum, “Chili’s in the thingy-ding”

It’s a real doozy this Christmas, as Gina and Paul try another seasonal classic, hot buttered rum. They try a time-honoured recipe as well as the results of Paul’s experiments with fat washing. All this and Gina gives some holiday spending advice before they invent a new classic Christmas carol (be sure to stick around to the end for that). Merry Christmas!

Ep. 59 – Mezcal Manhattan, “There’s always stuff growing in my craw”

It’s another very special episode, as Gina and Paul celebrate 4 years of the podcast as well as Paul’s 40th birthday. The duo try two different mezcals as well as a mezcal manhattan. Gina gets back on her soapbox for another toast & roast, but first has to remember to put her headphones on.

Ep. 58 – Non-alcoholic Tanqueray gin, “You need to wash your junk!”

Summer break is over, bringing Gina and Paul back just in time for Halloween. The duo sample Tanqueray’s non-alcoholic gin and compare it to the real deal in matching gin & tonics. Paul also quizzes his mom on the current Canadian alcohol guidelines before Gina makes some questionable statements about human anatomy during a much needed bidet update.