Ep. 6 – Ironworks Haskap liqueur, “This is a weird family, but not that weird”

Gina and Paul are back for the first episode of 2019 with Haskap berry liqueur from Nova Scotia’s Ironworks distillery. Hear about the duo’s resolutions, Gina’s trouble with poles, trailer park haircuts and her extravagant treatment at a Maple Leafs game.

Ep. 5 – Bootleg Whisky Cider, “You can put a lot in a toilet paper roll”

Gina flaunts her newfound fame with some complimentary Bootleg Whisky Cider from Niagara’s Small Talk Vineyards/Shiny Apple Cider. The pair also talk New Year’s Eve plans and Paul shares some stories of his mom’s inspiring creative aptitude from his childhood. Gina returns the favour by admitting she doesn’t put the nice sheets on the bed when he’s staying over.

Ep. 4 – Almond eggnog & Kavi Reserve coffee whiskey, “I always got stuck with the ball tree.”

Gina’s appetite for Christmas is only matched by her thirst for eggnog in this special, schedule-defying pre-holiday episode. She and Paul talk about snooping for gifts from Santa, proper tree decorating and other holiday traditions while sipping on stiff variations of rum & eggnog, including a special concoction of Kavi Reserve coffee whiskey and almond eggnog. Most importantly, how tall is your toilet? 

Ep. 3 – Revel Cider Co. Coral Cider, “You have to flip it once.”

Count how many times Paul says the word “cider” in one episode while he and Gina enjoy a special release from Guelph, Ontario’s Revel Cider Company. Find out Gina’s desert island food, proper BBQ etiquette and just how large a baby was Paul, really? 

Ep. 2 – Passion fruit green tea & soy milk, “You gotta walk like a duck”

Mother and son are back for another round with a sampling of non-alcoholic drinks from Paul’s time in Taiwan. How did Gina take his departure and what does she think of boiled soy milk? Most importantly, do we even want to know what “thigh-clutcher” is?

Ep. 1 – Manhattans, “Hello doesn’t cost you a darn thing”

Because no one demanded it, here’s the first episode of the Drinks With Mom podcast. Get introduced to the mother and son combo of Gina and Paul, as they drink Manhattans and crack wise about Paul’s recent reiki massage and the speeding ticket Gina once found in his underwear drawer. Don’t forget to smile to one another too.