Ep. 5 – Bootleg Whisky Cider, “You can put a lot in a toilet paper roll”

Gina flaunts her newfound fame with some complimentary Bootleg Whisky Cider from Niagara’s Small Talk Vineyards/Shiny Apple Cider. The pair also talk New Year’s Eve plans and Paul shares some stories of his mom’s inspiring creative aptitude from his childhood. Gina returns the favour by admitting she doesn’t put the nice sheets on the bed when he’s staying over.

Ep. 3 – Revel Cider Co. Coral Cider, “You have to flip it once.”

Count how many times Paul says the word “cider” in one episode while he and Gina enjoy a special release from Guelph, Ontario’s Revel Cider Company. Find out Gina’s desert island food, proper BBQ etiquette and just how large a baby was Paul, really?