Ep. 64 – Sweet Vermouth, “You can smell the worm”

Gina and Paul are back! They catch up on where the time went while sampling several different brands of sweet vermouth, including a couple of comparative Manhattans for good measure. Just how many times can they say Cocchi in one episode and what’s up with Gina’s sudden urge to talk about soap?

Ep. 15 – Rye whiskey, “I must have had real acid indigestion when I carried him”

A very special Mother’s Day episode sees Gina and Paul filling their glasses with Canadian rye whiskey, by way of Dillon’s and Crown Royal Northern Harvest. Naturally, this leads to talk of Gina’s tiny legs and the balls she’s been suggested to hold between them. The duo also get existential and give advice to their future and past selves while reminiscing of Gina being leashed on the front lawn as a child, so there’s that.