Ep. 67 – Manhattans, “Our holes are sealed so tight”

Gina and Paul bid farewell and bring their cocktail journey full circle as they return to the classic Manhattan, this time made with Reifel Rye and new podcast favourite, Cocchi vermouth. Cheers to everyone who has listened over the years!

Ep. 59 – Mezcal Manhattan, “There’s always stuff growing in my craw”

It’s another very special episode, as Gina and Paul celebrate 4 years of the podcast as well as Paul’s 40th birthday. The duo try two different mezcals as well as a mezcal manhattan. Gina gets back on her soapbox for another toast & roast, but first has to remember to put her headphones on.

Ep. 26 – Bloom-hattan, “Wander down yonder”

Gina and Paul celebrate a full year of putting up with each other by opening their first members box from the Kinsip distillery. The resulting variation on the Manhattan includes an ultra-rare saffron liqueur, maple whisky and special cherries. The duo also discuss proper glassware and look back on their favourite (and least-favourite) cocktails of their first year.

Ep. 1 – Manhattans, “Hello doesn’t cost you a darn thing”

Because no one demanded it, here’s the first episode of the Drinks With Mom podcast. Get introduced to the mother and son combo of Gina and Paul, as they drink Manhattans and crack wise about Paul’s recent reiki massage and the speeding ticket Gina once found in his underwear drawer. Don’t forget to smile to one another too.